Back Extension
Abdominal Crunch
Chest Press
Seated Row
Lateral Pulldown
Leg Curl
Leg Extension
Matrix Bikes
Precor Treadmills
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Fitness Studio Quickstep Fitness
eGym fitness equipment
Quickstep Fitness powered by eGym
Strength Training Class
eGym circuit training
eGym circuit training
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Deri 6th June
Clubbercise Bedwas Hall
Clubbercise Bedwas Workmens Hall
Bedwas Workmens Hall
eGym fitness equipment

Ergonomic design for optimal execution of exercises and healthy training supported by sports science. Automatic settings for user-friendly and safe training that works for all target groups. Pioneering software for tracking and controlling all training-related parameters. Large touchscreen display for motivating and guided exercises using eGym curve. Fully connected devices for efficient use and synchronization of data and training plans.

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