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Adaptive training method

👫 You would like to try take on heavier weight during your next workout session, but you don't have a buddy to support you during the last repetitions? No problem! From now on, our EGYM strength machines are your new spotter!

With the Adaptive training method by EGYM, you can now venture to higher training weights all by yourself. The EGYM strength machines automatically recognise when you can no longer fully perform a repetition due to a lack of strength and automatically reduce the weight for you. This way, you can fully perform the repetition.

Positive side effect: With adaptive workouts, just one set is sufficient to achieve the same workout effect as with regular workouts over three sets. This means that the training time can be significantly reduced and the desired result can still be achieved.

👉 "No time" is therefore no longer an excuse! With the right training method, even just one set is enough to achieve the desired result. So hop on our EGYM strength machines!

Are you already working out smart?

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