3 Minutes= £1.50

36 Minutes = £15

90 Minutes = £45

120 Minutes = £60








Contour Sunbed

The Truth about Tanning! 
You will be aware that sunbeds have attracted a lot of negative media attention; however as with anything there are  always two sides to any story. Quite simply the use of sunbeds and  exposure to UV light is not that dangerous. What all sensible people  recognise is that it is abuse of sunbeds that is the problem. The  philosophy of Tanning is that UV light is a vital ingredient to general well being; abstinence potentially can be more harmful than the moderate risk associated with UV exposure.

In fact.......

Sunbed tanning is a cheap and effective way of achieving an all-over  golden tan even when it's grey and raining outside. People will react  differently to UV rays depending on the type of skin they have and their ability to tan which in turn is determined by hereditary factors.  


Before using a sunbed, get to know your skin type so that you can follow a tanning programme according to your skin's 
tanning ability. The skin  of some very fair people contains very little melanin and they cannot  produce it so they do not tan. They should not sunbathe or use a sunbed.

A sunbed is designed to provide a gradual tanning programme without  burning and accommodates different skin types.  Sunbeds emit ultra violet  radiation in order to produce a tan.