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Raise funds for two little boys injured by fireworks.

Project type

Raising Funds


27th November 2023



Two brave little boys found themselves entangled in an unfortunate accident. Their courage shone through as they faced the aftermath of their injuries, inspiring the community of Quickstep Fitness CIC to organize a fundraising walk. With unwavering determination, the fitness enthusiasts embarked on a trek from Caerphilly Castle to Castell Coch and back, their hearts brimming with empathy for the young heroes. The scenic route, adorned with historical landmarks and breath taking landscapes, served as a fitting backdrop for their noble endeavour. Each step they took resonated with their unwavering support for the boys, their resilience echoing in the tranquil atmosphere. The community's collective spirit ignited a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards a brighter future for the brave little boys. Total £715.00

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