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Orange and Black Fitness Gym Facebook Ad (4)

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Lateral Pulldown
Lateral Pulldown

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Quickstep Fitness
Quickstep Fitness

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Orange and Black Fitness Gym Facebook Ad (4)
Orange and Black Fitness Gym Facebook Ad (4)

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Fitness and strength training with Quickstep Fitness Caerphilly is as unique as you are. Your training plan will be specifically tailored to your physical requirements, goals, and progress. All important training parameters are automatically and precisely tailored to your needs.

The device display provides live feedback as you train and controls the parameters required for individualised strength training: range of motion (ROM), time under tension (TUT), repetitions (reps), sets, break time, cadence, training weight, muscle failure, and muscle fatigue.

This results in significantly better training with eGym compared to conventional training. The best way to get a feel for what this means is to experience it first hand.

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45 Degree_M5-Chest-Press_edited.png

The high-performance chest press for effective chest training

The chest press is the most popular training machine for effective chest and pecs training, next to the butterfly machine, which is probably used in every gym. This guided pressure-based exercise for the chest muscles is particularly suitable for beginners because of its low level of difficulty.

However, the high-performance chest press from eGym makes it an effective training tool even for professionals. By applying training methods based on sports science, this chest press allows strong muscle utilization to ensure even experienced bodybuilders will break out in a sweat.  This means our chest press is in no way inferior to alternative strength training equipment, such as the bench press.

45 Degree_M6-Seated-Row_edited.png

The high-performance seated row machine for effective shoulder and back training

Problems in the shoulder and neck area are a common phenomenon. Poor posture, a lack of muscle activity, long periods spent sitting down, strenuous physical work, or even excessive chest training are typical reasons for problems such as tension in the upper back or between the shoulder blades.

The eGym rower allows you to simultaneously train many different muscle groups and effectively build strength in your upper back and the back of your shoulders. This professional seated row machine with a chest pad ensures maximum comfort while rowing on the machine with optimal biomechanics.

45 Degree_M7-Lat-Pull_edited.png

The high-performance lat pulldown machine for effective back training

The lat pulldown machine, sometimes colloquially called a lat pull machine, is one of the most popular exercise machines for the latissimus dorsi muscles, the large and broad back muscles that give this piece of popular gym equipment its name. Lat pulldowns towards the chest using an eGym training machine is every bit equal to traditional pull-ups.

Our high-tech exercise equipment allows you to train in your own unique way to perfectly suit your physical requirements. You can use the lat pulldown machine to build your chest muscles for an attractive masculine V taper with a broad lower back. The lat pulldown machine can also support weight loss, add definition to your upper back, and reduce tension in the shoulder and neck area. The eGym lat pulldown machine takes your lat training to the next level.

45 Degree_M17-Shoulder-Press_edited.png

The high-performance shoulder press for effective shoulder training

Shoulder presses are a classic in bodybuilding, considered one of the most effective exercises to achieve muscular shoulders.  However, their demanding nature means traditional dumbbell or barbell presses are not generally recommended for beginners.

The eGym shoulder press machine makes this effective gym exercise accessible to everyone. Shoulder presses using this dedicated strength training machine are significantly easier than the free version using a barbell or dumbbell in a standing position. Thanks to the modern technology integrated in our shoulder press machine, training on this machine can be even more effective than conventional shoulder presses.

45 Degree_M2-Abdominal_edited.png

The high-performance abdominal crunch machine for effective ab training

Training your abs is an absolute must. Real bodybuilders always have an impressive six-pack. If you have a few extra pounds to lose, targeted fitness training and abdominal exercises are also a great way to shift stubborn abdominal fat. People with back pain need both powerful back and abdominal muscles to stabilize the lower back. And people who do fitness training simply to stay healthy and maintain energy levels also benefit from well-trained abdominal muscles in everyday life.

The eGym abdominal trainer allows you to specifically and effectively train your abdominal muscles, whatever your goal. A washboard stomach, tight abs, weight loss, or good posture – it’s all possible with proper ab training. This professional abdominal trainer is suitable for beginners and advanced strength-trainers and bodybuilders alike, because it adapts your ab exercises perfectly to your performance via dynamic adjustment of the training resistance level.

45 Degree_M3-Back-Extension_edited.png

The high-performance back extension machine for effective back training

Back pain is a common ailment and one of the most frequent reasons for visiting a doctor. The lower back, i.e. the area around the lumbar vertebrae in the spine, is usually the source of the problem, as this part of the back is subjected to the greatest strain. Regular back-strengthening exercises on a back extension machine at a gym can make a real difference, helping to prevent and alleviate back pain.

The state-of-the-art back trainer from eGym provides especially effective back training. This piece of professional equipment is also used in health facilities, rehabilitation centers, and physical therapy (UK: physiotherapy) clinics, as it provides a means to safely and gently strengthen the back in an ergonomic and health-promoting way. But our back extension machine, despite the name, does more than just train your back: it’s also great for your toning your legs and buttocks.

The high-performance leg extension machine for effective quadriceps training

45 Degree_M1-Leg-Extension_edited.png

Everyone trains their upper body in the gym. The lower body and legs are unfortunately neglected by many strength trainers. But leg training is something everyone can benefit from – improving symmetry and providing maximum body confidence. The anterior thigh muscle or quadriceps is the knee joint’s only extensor muscle, meaning it’s important for many everyday movements. The straight part also creates a flexion or bending of the hip joint and supports it.

A leg extension machine, sometimes also called a leg extender, is a popular piece of gym equipment for isolated quadriceps training. Stretching out your legs on this machine provides effective exercise and is also beginner-friendly. The eGym leg extension machine is a powerful tool that will make your leg training easier and more efficient than ever before.

45 Degree_M4-Leg-Curl_edited.png

The high-performance leg curl machine for effective hamstring training

Seated leg curling exercises are extremely effective, provided you’re training on a professional leg curl machine and perform the exercise accurately. The eGym leg curling machine allows you to safely and comfortably strengthen the muscles on the back of your thighs.

The advantage of leg curl machines using a sitting position as opposed to lying down on the machine is that you can train the hamstrings in greater isolation, putting less stress on the calves. Aside from that, it’s much easier and more comfortable for your posture to get in and out of this type of leg curl machine, meaning that even people who have problems training face-down can train their hamstrings.




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